What Content Marketing is Not

Despite the dizzying number of deinitions, there remains a number of misconceptions involving content marketing.

Let’s take a moment and address what content marketing is not.

It’s not just about content - Content marketing should be about demonstrating value and building upon the customer’s story and not just about creating content for content’s sake.

It’s not just about sales pitches and ofers - Chris Brogan states that content marketing is “not about being pushy,” but advancing your business through relationships. It’s not native advertising - When the Wall Street Journal defined content marketing as quasi-native advertising, Joe Pulizzi stated that while native advertising and content should work together, they are quite different. You own the media when it comes to content marketing. With native advertising, you’re paying someone else to distribute your content.

Content marketing is not replacing other forms of marketing - Neil Patel reminds us that content marketing and SEO, for example, are separate. Content marketing is “broader and more holistic,” while “SEO is narrower, and more technical.” While content marketing and SEO overlap, content marketing will not replace SEO, or any other form of marketing.


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